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What Makes Hirth Aircraft Engines Different?
When initially looking at the Hirth Aircraft engine line, it may at first appear that Hirth engines are more expensive than equivalent engines from other sources. We would like you to consider the 1000hr rated TBO, one year warranty, superior reliability, and the lower RPM operating range. Over the long run you will find that Hirth engines can actually turn out to be the least expensive choice.

Most engines in the light aircraft market were designed for a specific use on the ground and then altered to be used in aircraft. Hirth engines are designed specifically for aircraft use. Hirth does not make snowmobile, water craft, or car engines and then try to modify them for aircraft applications. Hirth knows that in order for a 2 cycle engine to perform properly in aircraft use, peak power and peak torque have to be achieved at lower RPMs. 

The Hirth engine has to have a realistic TBO and does not use complicated rotary valves.
The use of Nikasil cylinders and Hyper-Eutectic Aluminum pistons make Hirth engines very seizure resistant. Our red line CHT is 535F, our redline EGT is 1256F. This gives Hirths good fuel efficiency and a very clean oil burn. The use of chrome moly steel crankshafts insure long life with little chance of failure. It costs more to build an engine when you use the best technology and materials available but in the long run you will find that Hirth is the better value.

Hirth Aircraft Engine Line
All Hirths have Al-Nikasil coated cylinders for superior performance and reliability. Al-Nikasil in simple terms is a nickel based material, applied in a paste form. When super heated it becomes part of the cylinder itself. Al-Nikasil provides for a super low coefficient of friction allowing Hirths not only to produce more hp than our nearest competitor but also to run with greater efficiency and reliability.

Hirths crankshafts are 4130 chrome moly steel. Heads, rings, block casting, connecting rods and associated components are all of the highest grade alloys available today. 

Hirth Aircraft Engines

Hirth 3703, 3 Cylinder - 2 Cycle Liquid Cooled 100 HP Aircraft Engine